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Physical Therapy

Exercising with Baby
Stretching Exercise
Child in Air Yoga

At The Therapy Station, our pediatric physical therapists provide personalized and client-focused therapy to address:

Gross Motor Delays • Developmental Delays

Neurological and Genetic Conditions •  Torticollis •  Prematurity

Poor Balance and Coordination • Muscle Weakness

In our physical therapy room, extra space is provided for swinging, jumping, rolling, and all sorts of fun!


An occupational therapy evaluation will assess your child's skills in all areas of concern. Evaluations typically take 1.5-2 hours and typically include:


  • Parent interview and your child's developmental history and current skill levels

  • Observations of your child engaging in age-level gross motor skills such as playing on the belly, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, jumping, running, and climbing

  • Assessment of range of motion, strength, and motor coordination which all together impact gross motor skills

  • Standardized testing when possible


At the end of the evaluation session, recommendations will be made and a therapy plan will be formed with the family. We will provide a report of the findings, recommendations, and suggested therapy goals.

Physical Therapy

Individual therapy is provided in our clinic-based setting and is one-on-one with a certified physical therapist.

We take a play-based approach to physical therapy, engaging your child in fun activities to target functional skills that will allow your child to participate in their daily activities with confidence. We invite parents to join our sessions and learn how to incorporate ongoing practice into play at home.


Our sessions are scheduled for45 minutes and frequency is determined based on the need of each individual and as a team with the family. 

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