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Same Great Practice...New Name!

The Therapy Station

Speech & Language Therapy  •  Myofunctional Therapy  •  Feeding Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy

Serving Toddlers, Children, Teens, and Adults in St. Louis, MO

Are you concerned with your child's speech skills?

Do you understand your child, but other people don't?

Are you wondering if your child is a late talker?

Do you want to know what to do to help develop your child's speech and language skills at home?

Are you worried that your child might have a stutter?

Did your child not qualify for services at school?

Are you concerned you or your child might be tongue-tied?

Has the orthodontist mentioned a tongue thrust?

Are you or your child a mouth breather?

Did your teeth shift after you had braces?

Do you or your child grind your teeth?

Does your child seem to have difficulty with physical boundaries?

Is your child sensitive to textures, noise, and/or lights?

Is your child having difficulty holding their pen or crayon or experiencing challenges writing?

Does your child have difficulty with self-help skills?

Are you concerned about your child's coordination, balance, or strength?

We can help!

Our Services

At The Therapy Station, we provide speech, language, orofacial myology, occupational, and physical therapy to children and adults. Services are offered in our clinic and now online via teletherapy for children 3 and up! Our experienced team will deliver the same quality therapy online as we do in person.

Our Specialties

Late Talkers & Early Intervention

Speech Sound Disorders


 Language Disorders

ADHD & Executive Functioning

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders​Swallowing Disorders

Sensory Integration & Processing

Fine & Gross Motor

Self-Help Skills

Neurological & Genetic Conditions

Our Mission

We are committed to cultivating trusting and collaborative relationships with clients through effective and individualized therapy for clients of all ages.

Through positive and clear communication, clients will be empowered with the tools necessary to carry over therapy in the home environment.

Our Approach

Using a combination of play-based and traditional therapy styles, we target developmentally appropriate goals. We believe everyone learns best when they are engaged in fun and motivating interactions, and build therapy into real-world activities.


We collaborate with other professionals to ensure we are treating the whole person.

Getting help, how our process works.

Our process is easy! Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have. If you decide to refer your child or yourself for services, here is our process from intake to treatment! We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you and your family!


Give us a call! You will speak directly with a therapist to answer your questions and take your referral. 


If we recommend moving forward with therapy or an evaluation, we will schedule you for an initial visit at our clinic with one of our therapists.


As a team, we will determine an individualized treatment plan, goals, and frequency for you or your child and family.


Once therapy begins, we always encourage families and/or caregivers to be an active part of the therapy process. We are dedicated to family education.


We will take regular data throughout our sessions to measure progress and ensure we are achieving your goals. We also welcome collaboration with other professionals (doctors, school therapists, etc.).

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